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Noni Juice

Polynesian Noni Juice - 32oz bottle

Noni (morinda citrifolia) is quite possibly one of the world's best natural adaptogens, it has been used for hundreds of years by the native Polynesians as a natural food supplement and health tonic.

People of Polynesia were, and still are great believers in the fruit as a natural remedy and exported plants everywhere in the Pacific region, including Hawaii. An interesting study of the early use of the fruit in Hawaii indicates that Noni may have been the only good source of vitamin C in the islands in ancient times and it was said to have helped the islanders survive. The natives used all parts of the noni plant, the fruit, the seeds, the leaves as well as the flowers as a medicine, as a food or for topical skin care.  

Pure Noni Juice
New Noni Juice

There are currently dozens of producers of Noni Juice on the market. Some Noni Juice drinks are reconstituted from noni powders; others are made from Noni fruit pulp diluted with water. Very few Noni drinks sold contain at least 85% pure Noni juice, but according to clever marketing efforts, they appear to be 100% pure, until you read the fine print on the ingredient label. Many sellers look for ways to dilute Noni so as to maximize profits.

Why purchase reconstituted and flavored noni juice when you can purchase unadulterated Noni Juice for less than half the price of what other companies sell it for?

How can Brazil Botanicals offer Noni Juice at such an affordable price?

  • Brazil Botanicals has vertically integrated their operation: They plant the seeds, harvest the fruit, process and bottle the juice, and sell and pass the savings directly to you, our valued customer.
  • Brazil Botanicals has established noni farms throughout Polynesia.
  • Brazil Botanicals has their own USDA approved processing and bottling facility in the USA and processes over 150 metric tons of pure noni juice per month and exports to 16 different countries
  • Brazil Botanicals is the largest bulk supplier, broker, manufacturer of noni juice.
  • Brazil Botanicals also offers great Acai, Goji and Mangosteen Juices
  • Brazil Botanicals offers more than 60 reasons why to purchase their exotic juices

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