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Our harvested Hawaiian Noni fruit and Noni leaves are being processed at Kamauoha Farms processing facility in Wahiawa, Oahu as well as our newly acquired facility on the big island of Hawaii and in Tahiti.

Premium ripe Noni fruit is then selected washed and pressed into fresh juice or dried and manufactured into extract powders and then bulk packaged for shipment to Brazil Botanicals USDA Certified Organic Manufacturing Facility where final packaging and distribution is completed direct to the customer. In addition we now provide Noni Liquid extracts up to 50 BRIX with our new acquired patented technology.  

Pure Noni Juice

Why Choose Brazil Botanicals?

Brazil Botanicals is completely vertically integrated in the Noni business in Hawaii and Tahiti. Such integration enhances the company's ability to provide the marketplace with the highest quality, largest volume, most effective, purest and safest noni products available anywhere at very reasonable prices. Brazil Botanicals is one of the only truly vertically integrated operations in the Noni industry. Direct from our farms and packaged at our USDA Certified Organic Manufacturing Facility to your favorite retailer or direct to your door.

  • Our main goal is to become the leader in the Noni market. To accomplish this goal we have the following objectives:
  • Expand Noni farms in the South Pacific
  • Expand Noni processing Plants
  • Establish a "Community Harvest" Noni Program
  • Propagate organically safe and pure Noni of excellent quality and yield.
  • Establish a Certified Kitchen to support community micro-enterprises.
  • Develop monthly workshops to assist, train and support micro-enterprises.
  • Provide the community with excellent business and job opportunities.

  • How can Brazil Botanicals offer pure Noni Juice at such an affordable price?
    • Brazil Botanicals has vertically integrated their operation from noni seed to finished product.
    • Brazil Botanicals has established noni farms throughout the South Pacific.
    • Brazil Botanicals has their own USDA approved processing and bottling facility in the USA and processes over 150 metrics tons of pure noni juice per month and exports to 16 different countries

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