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Morinda Citrifolia

Noni (morinda citrifolia) fruits grown and harvested from cultivated organic fields in Hawaii and Tahiti. Freshly harvested fruits are sanitized, mashed, deseeded and immediately dried by our proprietary process to maintain the enzymatic activity, color and aroma. No preservatives are added. Each batch is analyzed for color, flavor, concentration and microbial count.

Pure Noni Juice

How can Brazil Botanicals offer pure Noni Juice at such an affordable price?
  • Brazil Botanicals has vertically integrated their operation from noni seed to finished product.
  • Brazil Botanicals has established noni farms throughout the South Pacific.
  • Brazil Botanicals has their own USDA approved processing and bottling facility in the USA and processes over 150 metrics tons of pure noni juice per month and exports to 16 different countries

noni Juice